August 28th, 2021

Round 3 is complete and, in a dream trade, PaperclipDAO has obtained IKB 37 by Mitchell F. Chan from @jgcfyi! @jgcfyi gets our beloved paperclip punk (CryptoPunk #3744) and 9999 DSMB, part of the fractionalized dissected Meebit, plus 300 $CLIP in return. We’ll miss the paperclip punk but are excited to welcome @jgcfyi to PaperclipDAO! 🖇

Mitchell Chan's Digital Zone of Immaterial Pictorial Sensibility (IKB) is a 2017 NFT project that would be mindblowing even if it was released today. It can be thought of as a digital homage to a famous conceptual artwork by Yves Klein. Homage is artistic tradition---Van Gogh’s beloved tributes to Hiroshige’s work were a way to honor and celebrate the connection he saw between Japanese art and Impressionism. Chan saw the striking connection between Yves Klein and NFTs and created IKB.

IKB draws on an exhibition by Yves Klein in 1958, in which patrons paid in pure gold to view empty spaces (Zones) that Yves imbued with the sensibility (but not the physical appearance) of the color blue. That an artist can “imbue” a space with their art was a radical concept in 1958, but here in 2021’s NFT Summer we are happy to let artists imbue even a digital space with value.[1] Digital Zones understood and predicted this in 2017 and it took the rest of us four years to get it.

IKB was playing with this idea before ERC-721 even existed.
IKB was playing with this idea before ERC-721 even existed.

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In 2005, blogger Kyle MacDonald started with a paperclip and traded it for a pen, the first in an incredible series of trades that ended with him trading for a house. Items he traded for along the way include a hand-sculpted doorknob, a snowmobile, a year’s rent in Phoenix, and an afternoon with musician Alice Cooper.

It’s an amazing story and even an archetypal one---an old Buddhist folk tale tells of a man who traded from a single piece of straw until he had a rice field. The Legend of Zelda’s “trade up” quests took inspiration from this classic story, as have others.

With the incredible diversity of NFTs available today a similarly magical tale is possible. So let’s create it. Come trade with us and let’s tell the story of some amazing NFTs along the way.

Round 2 is complete and PaperclipDAO has obtained a Cryptopunk and some Meebit to boot! We acquired CryptoPunk #3744 (long known as “the Paperclip”) and a portion of a Dissected Meebit from Calvin Liu who gets a 1/5 SE Earthen Concept Art Card and 400 $CLIP in return. Calvin, welcome to PaperclipDAO! 🖇

"The Paperclip" Punk #3744 and a Dissected Meebit #10761
"The Paperclip" Punk #3744 and a Dissected Meebit #10761

We weighed several factors in making a final decision on which trade to accept. We care about more than just the economic value of a trade; we value the culture, story, and journey of the NFT as well. In Round 1, we picked the future. But the past always has a way of coming back around… And the 2 (ok 1.02) historic LarvaLabs NFTs we acquired bridge the past to the future beautifully.

This decision wasn’t easy; we received incredible offers and, as in Round 1, were sad to part with all the memorable NFTs that we couldn’t accept. Check out the full Round 2 offer thread to see all the amazing offers.